Our Values


At The Little Cottage Press, we hold a deep conviction in the transformative power of compassion and kindness. We recognize that these values are integral not only to our storytelling, but also to our very way of being. Our publications serve as a catalyst for young readers to cultivate a spirit of benevolence and to treat themselves and others with a genuine sense of warmth and generosity.


At The Little Cottage Press, we craft enchanting narratives and captivating illustrations that spark the imagination of young readers. Our commitment to detail and vibrancy invites children to explore and engage with our books, encouraging them to tap into their own boundless creativity.

Our books aim to ignite a sense of wonder and respect for the richness and diversity of the world, empowering children to become compassionate and engaged citizens of the future. We are dedicated to creating stories that inspire and engage young readers, and to nurturing their innate sense of curiosity and imagination.


At The Little Cottage Press, we are passionate about storytelling and early childhood development. We believe in the importance of fostering a deep sense of respect in children for themselves and the world around them. Respect is a fundamental value that teaches children empathy, kindness, and integrity, and we strive to imbue our books and characters with these virtues.

Through our stories and illustrations, we seek to inspire children to explore and embrace new skills, abilities, and cultures with an open and curious mind. We understand that imagination and curiosity are essential components of a child’s intellectual and emotional growth, and we take great pride in contributing to this aspect of their development.

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