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At The Little Cottage Press, we are committed to providing every child with the best possible start on their journey towards becoming lifelong readers. Our books and materials are carefully crafted and beautifully illustrated to capture the attention of readers from infancy through early adolescence, fostering a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Wild Sonnet

Meet Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, the first Native American woman to publish her poetry and stories in English. Born in Michigan in 1800, Jane was a woman of mixed heritage, with a Scots-Irish fur trader for a father and an Ojibwe mother. Known by her Ojibwe name, Bamewawagezhikaquay, which translates to “Woman of the Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky,” Jane faced many challenges in a rapidly changing world. However, her passion for writing allowed her to express her love for her family, her community, and the natural world. Join us on a fascinating journey back in time as we explore the remarkable life of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft and her important role in American literary history.

Wild Sonnet: The Story of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft is available now from The Little Cottage Press and can be found at all major booksellers.


“A is for Aloha” takes young readers on an enchanting journey through the alphabet with a colorful and tropical twist. From “A is for Aloha” to “Z is for Zoo,” each letter comes to life with a vibrant and beautifully illustrated Hawaiian image. This engaging children’s alphabet book not only teaches the ABC’s, but also introduces young readers to the captivating culture and scenery of Hawaii. With its charming illustrations and educational value, “A is for Aloha” is the perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf.

A is for Aloha: Children’s Alphabet is available now from The Little Cottage Press and can be found at all major booksellers.

Fiona & Felix

Meet Fiona and Felix! Two Finnish siblings who have just moved with their parents to a new city. These two children team up with one goal in mind: returning home to Finland and their familiar lives. Join Fiona and Felix in their fun fish-out-of-water tale as they make new friends!

Arrives September 2024!


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